Grace Voyager Collective by Iviana Bynum

Grace Voyager Collective

Clarity Coaching for Fearless Living

Introducing, the Grace Voyager Collective

When you can start your days without fear of what's ahead, life isn't as scary anymore.

When you can stop wondering why you're not moving forward in certain areas of your life and finally get to the heart of the matter, you start to experience progress.

Imagine easily getting yourself in the frame of mind to get things done- the one that successful people seem to have figured out.

Imagine being able to show your kids a better life and actually enjoy yours while you're living it.

The best way to be influential and have a better life is to learn EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. You are meant to live a life where you easily take risks, trust more, and you're free to be yourself.

You're meant to be a GRACE VOYAGER.

A Grace Voyager
is aware of, in control of, and freely expresses their emotions. They know to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

They fully embrace that life is a voyage, to which their only destination is inner peace.

You find the root cause of every emotion and accurately express it.

You know how to get to the core of issues in your life and then uproot them!

You don't cling to your setbacks- you let them go!

You choose grace over striving, worry, judgment, or fear. You give yourself grace and extend it to others.

You know that where there are questions, you can find the answers.

You speak differently, respond rather than react, and show up differently in all areas of your life.
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Most of us weren't taught how to effectively express our emotions, wants or opinions.

What we did learn (way too young) was how to survive.

We learned that the world is a hard, scary place. And we have to seek security.

We lost faith in any good (though we really want to believe there is good). 

We thought dreams, doing things for the love, and being creative was not in the cards for us.

We thought joy and peace would come once we had the job, the house, the [fill in the blank]. Until we realized, there's something missing. There must be more...

We believe that it's up to us to make sure everything is good and orderly, because, in reality, no one has ever really had our back. Even if it means sticking with something even if you hate it.

It's always been you against the world. And it sucks to feel that way all the time. In fact, it feels lonely.

Unfortunately, those beliefs (that strong shell you have) created some destructive patterns. 

For Example:
  • Passive-Aggressive Behavior- Holding your feelings in but letting them out in not-so-obvious ways (think grumpy, stubborn, sarcastic, or go on strike from doing the dishes).
  • Not Being True to Yourself- Keeping your true feelings, needs, or opinions in. Or waiting until you’re so frustrated that you become depressed or explode, ultimately hurting trust and relationships. 
  • Fear of Walking Away from Things Because they Bring Security
  • Dealing With Problems Alone
  • The list goes on...

When you learn to keep it real, speak your truth, and claim your space by creating clear intentions, your life changes.

When you can express your needs
with ease and grace, joy and satisfaction spread into every part of your life.

In fact, this is a huge secret that most wildly successful people aren't sharing!

Guess what? Emotional intelligence is how they got to the top. But since it still seems foreign to most, they don't publicly admit it.

Being aware of, in control of, and freely expressing your emotions are a game-changer in life and business.

When you can keep your cool during hard times, there's seriously no stopping you.

And I don't mean cool on the outside but bursting on the inside.

I mean truly feeling at ease, knowing that it's going to be okay, trusting that you are going to be okay - down to your bones.

Feeling SO GOOD you STEP OUT OF THE SIDELINES and INTO THE LIMELIGHT. Owning it. While being genuine and graceful.

And to get there, the first step is to realize that YOU'RE NOT UPSET OR HELD BACK FOR THE REASONS YOU THINK YOU ARE. You're dealing with symptoms of not living from a place of inner peace.

This is what you'll uncover through this journey together.


  • Get Clear and Understand who the real you is- then boldly stand in who you are without fear of judgment
  • Understand the connection between your Pain & Purpose: How your past hurts connect with your specific strengths
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty afterwards
  • Learn Why you judge yourself and others  and how to overcome the need for perfection
  • Learn how to set the right goals and intentions with purpose->then accomplish them in the order that will truly work for you and where you're at in your life
  • Create powerful yet simple personalized phrases to help reprogram your mind for achievement
  • Create true-to-you strategies to get your goals met- no more "done for you systems" that don't align with your life and personal journey
  • Learn how to manage negative self-talk and effectively quiet the voices that once crippled you with fear
  • Learn how to calmly compose yourself in emotionally charged situations 
  • Learn how to stop abandoning yourself and your needs for the sake of others
  • Learn how to share the true authentic you- because how are you going to attract "real" authentic people in your life if you're not being "real" yourself? 
  • Identify the beliefs and mental agreements that are no longer serving you and gracefully let them go

We're All Working Together to Learn:
  • How to trust again
  • How to believe in our own strength and abilities (instead of waiting for others to)
  • To be in love with who we are
  • To overcome comparison, fear, and self-sabotage
  • To gain a new perspective on the world and find our light again
  • How to keep our heart good without allowing it to be used (because it's okay to have a big heart)

I Want In!

Walk the Path to Emotional Intelligence

Your brain thinks around 60,000 thoughts a day and 75% of them are negative. Say what?! Yup. That's real.

Those thoughts are subconsciously making you act in ways you don't want to. They're holding you back in more ways than you know.

You may think there’s no use bringing up the past- you know, that time you made a fool of yourself or you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know it still haunts you (though you'd never admit it). 

It's time we deal with it together. It's okay, I won't judge.


You’re constantly interacting with those memories in your conscious and subconscious mind. And it's crippled you long enough.

In order to be powerful and influential like you dream of, you must be emotionally intelligent. 

Let's get your brain rewired for the freedom you dream. Instead of scrolling your Facebook feed and longing for someone else's happy ending, let's craft yours and then make it happen. 

Let's get you freedom in your mind, health, relationships, business, work, and family.
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Keep reading to find out what's included in the Grace Voyager Collective Membership and the transformation you'll experience.

Who's In the Voyager Collective?

The collective is a whole new type of membership. And it's not the clicky type.

It's a place where you feel understood, seen, and heard.

The women are real here. No fakeness allowed. No perfectly perfect. No having to fit a certain mold, shape, style, brand, career, image, race, or merit.

Where women actually care about the real you, not just the surface you like what you wear or what you do.

This is what true sisterhood is meant to be. We're all Grace Voyagers here, joining together on the our voyage to inner peace.

Here's What You'll Get With Your Membership:

  • Access to the School of Self-Discovery: Use this foundational training to uncover the hidden trauma from your past, discover destructive patterns, learn how to create defined intentions, and use the skill of self-discovery to realize those intentions.
  • Receive a MONTHLY video MASTERCLASS released in your private membership area. Also gain the wisdom of GUEST EXPERTS, all covering topics that will support, enrich, and enhance your new, emotionally intelligent lifestyle.
  • Your monthly video and core training lessons come with integration exercises, reflective and insightful questions that'll help you uncover life-changing insight and apply your new knowledge to your personal life to produce week to week transformation.  The exercises are designed to help you find your historical and current struggles so along with a deeper understanding of yourself, you'll also benefit from the collective's support.
  • MONTHLY GROUP SESSION: Join me on a MONTHLY Livestream answering your questions and PARTICIPATE IN A GROUP EMOTIONAL BLOCK CLEARING. Hang out with me live for a monthly girl's night from the comfort of your bed, couch, whatever! 
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  • MONTHLY GROUP SESSION: Join me live on a MONTHLY Livestream answering your questions about the core content and masterclasses. Who knows, maybe our guest experts will join us too!
  •  PARTICIPATE IN A GROUP EMOTIONAL BLOCK CLEARING. Experience the transformational power of the Aroma Freedom Technique when you join me live. Don't fret though, if you can't catch the live, following along on the replays will be just as powerful.
  • Get your Q´s answered and experience your transformation as a collective. Bring your coffee and your questions for a monthly girl's night!

*Side Note: In order to experience the full benefits of the emotional block clearings , it's suggested to use essential oils. However, not necessary. Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more.

Now, It's Time You Become a Grace Voyager

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
-James Baldwin

This membership contains transformative exercises and techniques drawn from my years of study in human behavior, neuroscience, aromatherapy, emotional intelligence, working work clients one-on-one, as well as my own self-discovery journey.

The core modules are broken down into easy-to-learn classes, taking you on an imaginative journey. I’ll walk you through exercises that will get to know yourself like never before. A Grace Voyager that's been waiting to be exposed.

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I feel neutral about it for the first time! I’ve been going to therapy for 30 years on this and this one session cleared what 30 years of therapy couldn’t!
Rachel L.
AFT has changed my life! I have worked through several issues that were holding me back; issues that I wasn’t even aware of myself. I’m still a work in progress, but my mindset is much better now!
Theresa K.
I've enjoyed your workshops so much, especially going back to remember so many memories. I thought I couldn't but it's helping me understand now. It's so well put together. I love it.
Awesome! It's been emotional for sure. But now how I expected. I felt the healing and release coming through for the first time.

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**Get two months free plus lifetime access to the core training program  when you pay for a full year!

*Here's a Flexible Monthly Option at only $37 Per Month (wayyy cheaper than your daily trip to Starbucks)🤗

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When will the School of Self Discovery be available?

The core training will be available in early February. January will be focused on conscious goal-setting and laying the foundation for the upcoming year.

What is the Aroma Freedom Technique we'll be using?

  • AFT is not intended to be a replacement for psychotherapy.
  • Can be incorporated within a therapeutic concept but it does not replace it.
  • It is a combination of EMDR, EFT, NET, ART, Neurofeedback, Energy Psychology
  • A new method of specific focusing exercises (that can be combined with essential oils for increased effectiveness), to identify and release the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that block a person from realizing their dreams and intentions.
  • Why does someone go to therapy? Because they’re blocked: having a career problem, relationship problem, emotional problem, something that is keeping them from where they’d like to be.

What if I'm unhappy with the membership?

We truly feel you will love everything inside this intense membership, but if you use it and don't find it helpful, we are offering a 10-day refund period. You can email to request your refund within 10 days of your purchase date. Thank you.

What type of support does this membership come with?

This membership comes with email support or private feedback. Each month, there will be a live question and answer call, where members can ask their questions about the core modules & masterclasses.

Where will the group calls be held?

The group calls will be streamed via Zoom. It's very easy to use. All calls will recorded and replays will be up within 24 hours.

I’ve had a painful childhood and I’m afraid to face it. Is this membership for me?

Yes, it’s absolutely right for you, as long as you’re open to facing it. We will dive into the past, and support you in moving through and releasing the pain, so you can feel free and lighter in your life today. We will not dwell in the past, but use it to support you in creating what you want in your life now. 

Remember, what we resist persists in our lives, so the patterns can’t actually be released or have less of a hold on us without lowering that resistance. I understand, facing this pain is hard, and we will hold your hand throughout the entire process. 

If you struggle with clinical depression or anxiety, then it is important to also have support from your psychiatrist or therapist during this process. 

When do I get access to the membership?

Right away. The membership comes in a few parts (with continuous updates to make it work for you). There is foundational work all ready to be accessed immediately after your purchase the membership.

I've gone to therapy. How is this different?

This membership is a compliment to any therapy you have done thus far or self development. In fact, it takes the inner work and realizations you’ve already had to a whole other level. This is the only program of its kind, so there’s nothing like it in the world. I’ve created it to get to the root of negative mental patterns that keep us stuck, so we can heal them and have what we desire most in our lives. 

How long do I have access to the membership?

Once you are able to log into the membership sections, you have access to it according to how you've paid. If you've paid for a year, you have it for a year from the date you enrolled. If you've chosen the monthly option, you have access for each month that you've paid for.

What about my privacy?

We understand the importance of privacy in this setting. This is personal work. That's why what's shared is held to the highest regard and kept private. The work you do on your own in the integration exercises is meant for you alone. It doesn't have to be submitted or shared. 
Refund Policy: Due to the nature of this item as a digital video workshop and PDF, no refunds will be accepted past the terms explained above.

Copyright information: Copyright to all digital download PDFs, videos, and text files are owned by Iviana Bynum. They are intended for personal use by the individual. They may not be shared, distributed, sold, or duplicated.

Achieve a inner peace and meaningful success as a Grace Voyager

Founder of Grace Voyager™ movement & host of the Grace for Breakfast podcast sharing the power of self-discovery & accepting life as a voyage as catalysts for change.

Iviana Bynum is an encourager, author, and keynote speaker on conscious goal-setting, mindset and intentional life and business systems so that you can focus on who and what's important to you.