AFT 6 Month Coaching Experience by Iviana Bynum

AFT 6 Month Coaching Experience

An extremely powerful method of using essential oils, combined with specific focusing exercises, to identify and release the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that block you from realizing your dreams.

An Invitation to Work With Me

I've personally seen the power of what AFT has done through the stories of my clients. As long as you're willing to be vulnerable and do the work involved, this method will provide you with the understanding and inner freedom that you've been waiting for. 

If you're ready to push through the fears that have been holding you back for too long such as:

  • Fear of losing the people you love due to letting them down, doing something wrong, or any other form off loss or abandonment.
  • Inability to prioritize your needs before the needs of others. 
  • Inability to follow through with goals that you've made again and again.
  • The need to have everything completely under control in order to feel even the smallest amount of inner peace.
  • Suffering from anxiety, depression, or panic attacks.*
  • Inability to move forward in projects or desires that require any certain level of risk.
  • Inability to allow others to handle projects at home or at work due to fear of outcome.
  • Fear of outcomes in general.
  • Constant fear of things going wrong.
  • Constant fear of your child getting hurt tragically.
  • Control or overprotection of loved ones.
  • Difficulty to move on from or forgive a past hurt or disappointment.
  • Trying to solve situations on your own that involve someone else's performance.
  • Inability to be patient.
  • Difficulty being decisive or trusting your decisions.
  • Inability to make decisions for yourself without feeling guilty. Possibly going back on those decisions often.
  • Difficulty trusting others.
  • Fear of negotiation.
  • Fear of change or strong resistance to change.
  • Fearful of inability to keep up with or fulfill responsibilities coming with a new position or circumstance.
  • And much more.

That's all okay and completely common. You can also live beyond that fear and learn how to live in peace. It's totally possible and I've seen it happen over and over again. There's an ease that comes over you as time passes and you learn to adopt these. It's attainable by you too.

This technique can be used for almost anything that you are having a hard time moving forward in. Ofcourse, keep in mind that you cannot control how someone else behaves, you can reprogram the way that you react to a person or situation that triggers you. 

Understanding that much of this behavior is involuntary, it is very possible to reprogram the way that you react to real life situations, even under large amounts of pressure and emotional stress.

If you're still unsure about whether this technique will work for you, I invite you to book a free 20 minute Discovery Session. In this session, well briefly discuss your history, current circumstances, and how AFT can be applied to your personal situation.

* While this technique is powerful and effective for those who commit to the work involved (less than 10  minutes per day), this in not meant to treat, diagnose, or heal any disease. Please see a doctor if dealing with severe symptoms.


"In one AFT session with Iviana, I was able to resolve what 30 years of therapy couldn't!"
Rachel L.
AFT has changed my life! I have worked through several issues that were holding me back; issues that I wasn’t even aware of myself. I’m still a work in progress, but my mindset is much better now!
Theresa K.



  • Guidance to IDENTIFY WHAT YOU WANT. Before getting what you want in life, you first need to identify exactly what it is.

  • Iviana takes you through the steps to CLEAR OUT INNER RESISTANCE. There’s always inner resistance related to a memory or feeling that needs to be cleared so that you can pursue and receive what you want.

  • Develop an Action Plan. LEARN THE SKILLS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS & TAKE ACTION Once you’ve experienced freedom through AFT, you must learn the skills necessary and create a plan of action.

  • 6 Sessions (one session per month) along with email support. 

We'll begin the 6-month program by first working through any large trauma (if applicable) and/or working through uncovering destructive patterns that you're wishing to release.

After six months, you'll be given an opportunity to continue on a month-by-month basis or renew for another six months. However, there's no obligation for either.

Please see F.A.Q. for instructions on essential oils needed for your sessions.

Commitment to Confidentiality

Working with me also comes with my promise to complete confidentiality. Nothing that is discussed via phone or email will ever be shared with any other parties. What we discuss is 100% between me and you.

Systems, Mindset & Entrepreneurship. All Built on Grace.

Iviana Bynum is a writer and consultant on creating systems in your business so that you can step back and focus on who and what's important to you. She's also the host of the Grace for Breakfast Podcast.

She's a Business Manager who partners with Entrepreneurs who are ready to focus on being the CEO and ready to have a business that runs without them. This leaves them to focus on connecting with their ideal client and creating meaningful products & services.


How do I access the session?

All sessions will be held via phone call. I used to hold live video sessions, however, I found that phone sessions provide for a more intimate, deeper experience. You don't have to see my face or wonder what I'm thinking. It allows you to access the vulnerability you'll need in order to do the work needed.

Please, during the sessions, be in a quiet place without any distractions around. We'll need peace and silence for you to be fully present and do the thinking required for your session.

Is this like going to therapy?

First I'd like to say, I'm not a licensed therapist. I also personally believe that doesn't matter when you're operating in your own gifting and genius. I hold my Masters in Business Administration and my Bachelors in Political Science & Sociology. 

This means a few things- I'm a devoted researcher and I'm also excellent with people and understand the impacts of social and family problems. I've always had an inherent understanding of people and am very sensitive to their feelings. I've also been personally fueled by my own story of transformation and the results my clients have experienced. Finally, if you're wanting to use AFT for to move forward in your business, then I can help you there too as I'm a business expert.

With that, while this has a huge "talk therapy" feel to it, consider me more of a personal guide through this process. I'll be walking you through the Aroma Freedom Technique- in which I hold my Certification- and will add a coaching aspect to it as I see fit. 

You'll see the benefits by keeping an open mind and trusting me and yourself through the process. A commitment to doing the personal development work assigned will also provide you with added results to the outcomes you're working toward. 

I also love sharing what I've learned through my faith, books I've read, and my own life experiences. I personally believe this adds a level of understanding for seeing situations in context and learning how to apply them to your own discoveries.

Finally, you get out of this what you put in. Also understand and keep in mind that certain traumas, especially repeat trauma, can be very deep, require deeper levels of processing, and more time.

What essential oils do I need for the sessions?

The oils that I recommend are Young Living Essential Oils due to their commitment to purity and integrity. These are the blends you'll use:

1. Memory Release Blend that consists of Frankincense, Lavender, and Stress Away (required)
2. Release Blend
3. Inner Child Blend
4. Trauma Life Blend
5. Believe Blend, Transformation Blend, or Peppermint

*If you don't have these essential oils, you can purchase a Premium Starter Kit by clicking here, which contains the oils for the Memory Release Blend and the Peppermint needed. This also makes you a wholesale member, receiving 24% off all products for life (no fees or additional purchases necessary). 

I do not consult about other oil brands as I'm unsure of their practices or sourcing standards. I've been using this brand for over 6 years and highly recommend their products.

Please contact me by emailing if you have further questions about ordering.

How much time do I need to commit to this program?

You're only required to schedule one monthly call (one hour) and devote 10 minutes per day on the personal development assignments.

For the sake of your personal experience, success, and maximizing our time together, an ongoing commitment to a journaling, self-reflection, and personal growth practice is required. 

What is AFT?

A new method of using essential oils, combined with specific focusing exercises, to identify and release the negative thoughts, feelings, and memories that block you from realizing your dreams.