Achieve inner peace and meaningful success as a Grace Voyager.

Founder of Grace Voyager™ movement & host of the Grace for Breakfast podcast sharing the power of self-discovery & accepting life as a voyage as catalysts for change.

Iviana Bynum is an encourager, author, and keynote speaker on conscious goal-setting, mindset and intentional life and business systems so that you can focus on who and what's important to you.

Grace Voyagers Collective

An online coop for homeschooling families. A courageous voyage into homeschool, family, & work-at-home success!

AFT 6 Month Coaching Experience

WHAT'S INCLUDED IN YOUR SESSIONS Guidance to IDENTIFY WHAT YOU WANT. Before getting what you want in life, you first need to identify exactly what it is. Iviana takes you through the steps to CLEAR OUT INNER RESISTANCE. There’s always inner resistance related to a memory or feeling that needs to be cleared so that you can pursue and receive what you want. Develop an Action Plan. LEARN THE SKILLS NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS & TAKE ACTION Once you’ve experienced freedom through AFT, you must learn the skills necessary and create a plan of action. 

2020 Envision Workshop

Explore the past year and open yourself up to experience a new beginning in 2020 with a strategic plan for every part of your life.

Efficiency Simplified Planning System

Learn how to master systems to juggle every part of your life, your business, and your clients.

The Instant Clarity Toolkit

Use this toolkit to get clarity on all the different projects going on in your life.

The 3 Keys to Inner Peace

Learn everything you need to know about how to embody peace by becoming a master agent of self-discovery. In this course, you'll learn exactly how to to develop your very own self care routine and much more!